Review and Promotion Policies

So you'd like someone from Stansbury to review your book or interview you or give you promotional space and we'd like to do all those things. Seriously, Stansbury is a small town and although people have their hobbies and such, we also like to converse with the outside world. And we love reading and authors and want to help you.

So the first thing you want to do is write a request to us at In that request, include the following:

Your name
The title of your book
A short synopsis (like what you have on the back cover or Amazon)
How you'd like us to help you.

While we'll do the standard interview thing, because we like you and we want to help if we can, it's ever so much better if we read the book first because then the interview can be less...generic. Here in Stansbury, we like to get involved in the process and there's always an interested townsperson who would love to have a real conversation with you about your text and not just ask you some question about your favorite type of cheese...which may still come up. We love cheese in these parts.

So if someone here reads your book, know that tastes generally run away from romance, erotica or religious fare. Pretty much anything else is fair game, depending on interest. People in these parts like their Kindles, so a mobi or pdf of your book would work, but print copies are nice to. We know there's a cost in sending them, though, so don't feel obliged unless you're the generous sort who just loves sharing signed print copies.

If someone here grabs your book, they'll contact you with more information they might need or that you may want to give them.

Oh, sometimes our readers don't love what they're reading. So if you sent us your book and we didn't take to it, we'll give you the opportunity to keep the review from making its way out of town. Otherwise, we'll get the word out as best we can.

Please address your correspondence to Natasha at

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